Weebly Update

Ladies and gents we have an announcement. Weebly has come out with a new update. What does that mean for you? Not too much, BUT we do want to explain what all they have done in their latest update. At the end of the day we hope this helps you out. We know this update is pretty nifty. In fact, some of the changes really make creating a website effortless for the end user (you guys).

First Things First

They have made the entire interface extremely easy to navigate. For one they have made the page SEO much easier to handle. All of the SEO can be controlled in the same panel as the page name and description. Before they had it where you had to go into each page separately and click around to find where to make your page SEO friendly. This change has saved designers quite a bit of hassle at the end of the day. Thank you Weebly.

Numero Dos

Apps… Finally. Yes they now offer apps. Similar to the way Wix does but 10 times easier. Yes some apps slow down your site at times, BUT the process in its self was something that needed to happen. Overall they have eliminated having to

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Customer Review

Today we wanted to take a step back and highlight one of our customers who we have helped over the past few months. We are currently providing SEO and web design services to them. They have seen great success due to where we have placed them on Google for certain search terms. Therefore we wanted to interview them to help them get their story out to the public. They are a football kicking company and provide services ( Kicking Camps in Dallas, Texas)  to kickers and punters of all age and skill levels. We hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to check out their website linked above. Without further delay here is Coach Cameron of The Kicking Unit.

VogooAdmin: Thanks for taking the time coach, we know you have a busy schedule!

Coach Cameron: Thanks for having me, anything for you guys.

VogooAdmin: So we wanted to start off today by learning more about your company. What do yall do and how long have yall been around?

Coach Cameron: Well we actually just recently launched this past month. Our goal is to be the number one spot for football kicking instruction, lessons, and camps. We provide both kicking and punting lessons for kids from 9-Pro Prospects. Our camps are focused on helping achieve maximum success during game days. We see so many kickers nowadays who can really hammer the ball but when it comes game time the shank it. This is what we are trying to eliminate.

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Becoming a Monopoly in Your Industry

Seems like something unattainable to most but for others it is something that drives their company daily.

Is it something that is possible? Of course it is you just need to know every little fine detail about your competitors in order to drive them into just another company and bump yourself into the head spot.

Follow along for a few tips that can spring you into a monopolistic position in your specific niche.

Be Better. In order to be the #1 in the industry you need to be the best you possibly can be. Study your competitor’s habits and find their weaknesses. Any weakness you find needs to be a highlight for you to exploit. Provide a solution for others weaknesses and find yourself in front of all of the other guys.

Be Innovative. It’s time to think outside the box. Take your industry to new heights with the next best idea that nobody has even thought about. Separate yourself from the business next door by investing in your company and not hoarding cash. Use cash flow towards bettering your company.

Be Different. All failed companies are the same. They all failed because they couldn’t escape the competition. Don’t let the other guys eat you alive with things like product prices. Create value for the same products you have by being different. Whether it involves maintaining unattainable customer service or whatever else. Find a way to separate yourself and your company.

Scale. All good ideas are nothing without customers. Scale your business and get in front of more customers and set yourself up for success on a national scale. Be bigger, be better.

Hire Winners. Being big and great means absolutely nothing when you have the wrong attitudes moving it forward. One bad attitude leads to another and can be like a plague in the office. Make sure each hired employee is someone who works their tail off while keeping a smile on the entire time. Remember hard work trumps all.

Follow these five steps and find yourself one step closer to being the monopoly of your industry.

What Does It Take?

Welcome back bunch! Today’s topic….How to make your site stick out of the crowd. How do you do it? What does it take? Do I have to be a technological wiz kid to make it happen? We hope to answer all of these today so follow along and be sure to send us an email at admin@vogooapi.com.

So what does it take to have a site that functions with ease and impresses anyone who comes into contact with it? Well the answer is, a professional developer. One (like us) who can code any possible thing you are thinking of. One who can make your dreams a reality and create just about anything on the interwebz.

Steps to Slim Diggity Dog Website

Step One– Find your niche. Find what you want to specialize in and go after it. Find your competitors and get ideas on what they offer and do the same. In fact, you need to have more to offer than any of them.

Step Two– Don’t go half way. If you want to run the web in todays world you have to have a site that shows authority. High authoritative quality content is a key to success. Edit, edit and edit some more. Always be looking for ways to make your posts better. Add more paragraphs and be as descriptive as possible. When you are done read it out loud and thoroughly critique what you wrote. Continue reading

Welcome Back

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If you are ready to get started or would like to see more of our portfolio email us at admin@vogoo-api.com.

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