Becoming a Monopoly in Your Industry

Seems like something unattainable to most but for others it is something that drives their company daily.

Is it something that is possible? Of course it is you just need to know every little fine detail about your competitors in order to drive them into just another company and bump yourself into the head spot.

Follow along for a few tips that can spring you into a monopolistic position in your specific niche.

Be Better. In order to be the #1 in the industry you need to be the best you possibly can be. Study your competitor’s habits and find their weaknesses. Any weakness you find needs to be a highlight for you to exploit. Provide a solution for others weaknesses and find yourself in front of all of the other guys.

Be Innovative. It’s time to think outside the box. Take your industry to new heights with the next best idea that nobody has even thought about. Separate yourself from the business next door by investing in your company and not hoarding cash. Use cash flow towards bettering your company.

Be Different. All failed companies are the same. They all failed because they couldn’t escape the competition. Don’t let the other guys eat you alive with things like product prices. Create value for the same products you have by being different. Whether it involves maintaining unattainable customer service or whatever else. Find a way to separate yourself and your company.

Scale. All good ideas are nothing without customers. Scale your business and get in front of more customers and set yourself up for success on a national scale. Be bigger, be better.

Hire Winners. Being big and great means absolutely nothing when you have the wrong attitudes moving it forward. One bad attitude leads to another and can be like a plague in the office. Make sure each hired employee is someone who works their tail off while keeping a smile on the entire time. Remember hard work trumps all.

Follow these five steps and find yourself one step closer to being the monopoly of your industry.