Customer Review

Today we wanted to take a step back and highlight one of our customers who we have helped over the past few months. We are currently providing SEO and web design services to them. They have seen great success due to where we have placed them on Google for certain search terms. Therefore we wanted to interview them to help them get their story out to the public. They are a football kicking company and provide services ( Kicking Camps in Dallas, Texas)  to kickers and punters of all age and skill levels. We hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to check out their website linked above. Without further delay here is Coach Cameron of The Kicking Unit.

VogooAdmin: Thanks for taking the time coach, we know you have a busy schedule!

Coach Cameron: Thanks for having me, anything for you guys.

VogooAdmin: So we wanted to start off today by learning more about your company. What do yall do and how long have yall been around?

Coach Cameron: Well we actually just recently launched this past month. Our goal is to be the number one spot for football kicking instruction, lessons, and camps. We provide both kicking and punting lessons for kids from 9-Pro Prospects. Our camps are focused on helping achieve maximum success during game days. We see so many kickers nowadays who can really hammer the ball but when it comes game time the shank it. This is what we are trying to eliminate.

VogooAdmin: Okay awesome, that’s good to hear. So what made you start this company?

Coach Cameron: Well I played in high school and College and was close to making a pro squad so I’ve always had a love for kicking and punting. When I graduated college I began coaching for Kicking World but after a year and half with them I quickly decided it was in my best interest to start my own gig. Therefore I did and now I am here. I love seeing my kickers succeed and accomplish their own goals.

VogooAdmin: I bet that is a good feeling. I can tell you have a real passion about your business which is refreshing to see. So how did you find us and how has your time with us been so far?

Coach Cameron: I found you guys just through a regular google search. So far I can’t complain. You guys have brought me increased traffic and unlimited supply of kickers and punters in Texas.

VogooAdmin: That’s good to hear. Thanks again for your time. We just wanted to give you some time on our site mainly because we wanted to get your story out there while also showing our appreciation for your business.

Coach Cameron: No problem. Thanks for the time!