Weebly Update

Ladies and gents we have an announcement. Weebly has come out with a new update. What does that mean for you? Not too much, BUT we do want to explain what all they have done in their latest update. At the end of the day we hope this helps you out. We know this update is pretty nifty. In fact, some of the changes really make creating a website effortless for the end user (you guys).

First Things First

They have made the entire interface extremely easy to navigate. For one they have made the page SEO much easier to handle. All of the SEO can be controlled in the same panel as the page name and description. Before they had it where you had to go into each page separately and click around to find where to make your page SEO friendly. This change has saved designers quite a bit of hassle at the end of the day. Thank you Weebly.

Numero Dos

Apps… Finally. Yes they now offer apps. Similar to the way Wix does but 10 times easier. Yes some apps slow down your site at times, BUT the process in its self was something that needed to happen. Overall they have eliminated having to

upload code into your site yourself and just letting the site to be 100% user friendly. Why find the code when you can have it all in the click of a button? Exactly. Thanks Weebly.


New layouts. Yep you heard right. They have added to themes and layouts that are even simpler than before. We can’t complain one bit because these themes allow us to make a site in 30 minutes (fully developed). Not a bad deal huh?

In the end, we really like the update. Yes there are some bugs here and there but us knowing Weebly we know they will work through the kinks shortly rather than later. Interested in us showing you how to make your very own website? Visit our contact page for more info!